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A special going on until the 19th, you can pay up however much you think World of Goo should've been charged. If you think its worth $50, $20, or hell a penny even. Its yours.

Of course, this is only for PCs, Mac and Linux versions of the game. The WiiWare version is just going to be straight up $15.


Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus are both coming to the Playstation Network. Those are nice games, right? Decent Prince of Persia clones with some CG animation that I'd argue that stands out even to this day.


Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Stranger's Wrath are now bound for the PC via digital distribution. Stranger's Wrath being PC bound is especially good news for those who cant run the game on the 360 (And dont own a regular Xbox anymore)


Arrr, Dont just sit thar readin' this message yah landlubbers. Walk th' plank over an' git th' game.. Those who already got a season pass t' Tales o' Monkey Island can get a coupon code t' get an episode free for any thother' Telltale games. In other news, Steam has Secret o' Monkey Island: Special Edition for $5. Gar.


I'll just try to re-write this. Heres a better descriptor of what the story is.

Okay, so theres this Persona 4 fan fiction story that I thought was actually kind of nice. Titled "Simulacrum," its set 6 or so years in the future after the game, the main character returns to Inaba to find that...nobody remembers him. For the sake of the story, the main character has a specific type of personality, his girlfriend as Yukiko and the other characters have jobs that would seem pretty ideal to them. Upon his return, he has some rotten luck, his cousin Nanako has gotten older, and unusually threatening. His ex-girlfriend Yukiko married someone he doesnt know, Yosuke moved onto being the manager and has a relationship with Chie, whose now a tough police officer who has zero tolerance for out-of-towners. After trying to to meet with his friends, they become confused, angry and afraid of him. Suddenly he's become an outcast of the small town. Plus with the history of the murders the entire town has become more paranoid and on edge about anyone who comes in.

Its a decent story that starts out really strong. I feel that the story gets a little odd later on, but its got a pretty nice, strong start that helps build up some emotion. Since the main character quickly loses options on what to do and who to see upon his return, he starts making alliances with other characters from the game, all to try and solve the mystery of this sudden 'amnesia' that struck the town.

Its not without spoilers however. If you wish to not be spoiled, I recommend not reading it. You'll need insight on all the plot twists from the game. You can go read the story here:

A few weeks after the 14th chapter came out, the writer announced that there will be a radio play version of the story. Being headed by a guy at the Voice Acting Alliance forum. Just for kicks, I thought I would audition and I went for the main character. From what I can tell so far, I may have a pretty good chance for getting the part. But since the auditions keep getting pushed back, its harder to tell whether or not I actually got it.

They're still looking for auditions until the end of this month. You'll find it here:

General Rotors / Man...Earthworm Jim 3D really sucks.
« on: September 06, 2009, 01:11:53 AM »

But man if it didnt have some of the best music on an N64 game. Granted, this version of the song is from the PC version. Which sounds strangely...the same or at least similar to the N64 version.

Is this some natural thing or something? When I record myself and play it back, my voice sounds so much softer than how I normally hear it. Go ahead and put me down for not knowing about the position of my throat nodes and my eardrums, but I'm just curious is all.


Well crap, guess I can give up on playing Persona 3 on my PS2 now. Not only is there a playable female character, but all the advancements in Persona 4 (Such as giving commands to your team mates) are present. I Its a PSP game I can actually look forward to!

I'd love for Persona 4 on PSP too, but until that happens....this may very well be better than Persona 4...

General Rotors / Second Week in a Row and no Virtual Console Update.
« on: July 27, 2009, 03:56:45 PM »
Fuck you, Nintendo.


For me, I picked the Punch Out WiiWare game demo, I'm sure I could come across a Mario hat in some other fashion. Even if the Punch Out thing will be short, it'll be nice to have anyway.

General Rotors / Happy Birthday Yousorrymon...
« on: July 06, 2009, 11:22:02 AM »

Wish you were here.

I was able to 'wrestle' it out of Sams Club after they could not figure out the problem with the redemption card on the store floor stating the price of $8.81 and the actual prices to be $36. Made off with one and...I like the game.

Hurts like hell to hold though. If its not the fact my wrist has to bend for about 4 minutes, its the Nintendo DS stylus stabbing my palm while I'm holding onto the system. Cute little stylus though, works pretty well. As for the game itself, I seem to have a little trouble hitting the last four notes on the grip. Makes it hard to hold onto the 4th and 2nd notes while having to play the game.

As for the song list, theres a few there that I like. Pat Benatar is nice to hear. But they're so few when most of the soundtrack is comprised of songs that play endlessly on the radio at work. I want to like Maroon 5's music, somewhat. But I've heard this song "Too many times before." So to speak, and Smashmouth...why is Smashmouth here? Apparently "I Am Not Your Gameboy" is part of the track list. Adorable. I might pick up the Decades expansion song list if it has more classic hits than whats in this one.

Also, I love the hell out of the box for this game, looks really nice on my shelf.

They're going for $6 a pop, too. I only saw the first volume of Animaniacs. But I was able to pick up volumes 1 and 2 of Pinky and the Brain. They also had stuff like Thundercats and Dukes of Hazard for cheap too if anyone cares.

I guess these stores can be kind of cool.

General Rotors / Man, at least this toy doesnt talk
« on: June 28, 2009, 07:09:53 PM »

Never thought I'd see a toy for Daisy. This is one you can find in America. It looks okay, and its tiny. But I would've been more inclined if they made a bigger toy that talks. Would make a great joke toy in my opinion...

I have to admit, I think Persona 4 is the best RPG ever made. I usually hate them, or they kind of peter out mid-way. What a game.

So hey, about that art. I figured it'd be a good idea to show the four main characters gathered around to play the game. With the main guy playing the game, and very tired. Yosuke sits next to him eating the orange cupcakes and Chie being the motivational support of the team holding onto the Luchadeer head. Yukiko is...missing because I ran out of room on the paper I was drawing on. (Sorry ila) I'll get her in eventually. Obviously the character proportions are wrong, theres no color and some minute details are missing. But its probably as good as it gets with me.

Not too bad, but I wish I could get Chie's perspective down right. Plus hands are really hard to do for me.

General Rotors / I got a Sams Club membership for about 100 days
« on: June 09, 2009, 01:35:39 AM »
The bargains arent as significant as I've been led to believe. At least in the video games department. Most of the stuff is 10% off and everything else is for like...big families or businesses. All you can do is buy in bulk.

However, $8 for a 24 pack of Starbursts that have the flavors of all the red related color. The best kind of Starburst in four variations. Plus a big pack of apple sauce for a similar price. Pretty nice.

General Rotors / It's Junes
« on: June 04, 2009, 10:35:35 PM »
I hear everything is GREAT at some Junes.


So in my hunt for Sega Saturn games I ran across Burning Rangers for about $71. Thats about as good as it gets for me, right? Well I ordered it back at the beginning of April, and the seller didnt ship it! I tried contacting the guy two times and he never responded, his eBay "Store" completely empty. Yet he was still buying things. I waited for three weeks and eventually got refunded of the item.

Then I check his profile and what do I see?|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A30

Asshole relists the item, which is fine if it never made it to my address (Except for the fact that he never shipped it) but he charges almost double for what I paid. Sounds like he decided to get greedy and just turtle on my payment until I reacted.

So yeah, I'm a little more than angry. In fact, I'm not going to let this slide.

General Discussion / So I guess I'm playing Mass Effect wrong?
« on: June 03, 2009, 09:48:02 PM »
I want to figure out why I keep dying in the game. My weapon power is always underwhelming, my allies keep walking in front of my line of fire and killing themselves, and enemies need only to shoot me a handful of times or just come charging into my face to take me out. Why?

Maybe I dont have the right armor, although I try to go to the store on my ship, I cant even afford one for myself despite playing about 4 hours of the game. What am I doing wrong?

Coming up shortly is the Microsoft E3 press conference of jittering streaming times and browser crashing and announcements of something or other.
I guess the unwritten rule is that there can be multiple topics based off of certain games people are looking forward to. But until then, I guess I can say this:

Lucas Arts is producing a remake of Monkey Island for 360 and PC.;story;3
But wait! Telltale games is also making an episodic series based off of Monkey Island for WiiWare and PC.;story;2

Not long ago ThinkGeek had Sega Dreamcast systems for sale for about $100 or something. Now I randomly search Amazon for used Sega Saturn game deals then I find this:

Thats not an Amazon reseller shipping a Dreamcast, Amazon has the systems in their warehouse. Is Sega doing some kind of sneak attack? Its even stranger than...well...their Sega Saturn announcement.

Well this is just silly. I bought Klonoa for my birthday and after looking at the front ends of the channels installed on my system, I go to start Klonoa as soon as the disc finishes loading the front end into cache. I start the game and I get a message saying "Your Wii System Files are corrupted, please referr to the manual." The thing is, the game runs fine if I just start the game up without looking at the 'front ends' of the other channels. This includes the News Channel and the Mario Kart Channel.

I'd send this puppy in, except theres a few things:

I'm not paying for this repair; this has to be on Nintendo's end.
My Smash Bros. save file will disappear. Even if they move certain settings over like ownership of Virtual Console games, they'll probably send me a new Wii with a fresh 512MB of flash memory. Thanks Sakurai.
This didnt happen until I brought Klonoa over. Perhaps something was botched on the system update? (Which wont make a whole lot of sense, its been awhile since the last update.)

Should I just wait for the next system update? Or just contact Nintendo and look at my options?

So I've finished a successful semester of school and I'm...kind of at a loss right now. Since Yousorrymon passed on, I've lost my programmer. So I'm going to attempt to pick up that part of the slack. I've recently set myself up an 'office' in the back bedroom of my house and I've got some ideas jotted down for the game. But I kind of need some help. I mostly want some ideas for levels, or game objectives or something.

I think what can help you guys get a general idea is that its a top-down action game. Single screen movement. The game will also be divided into episodes to help quickly get game content out and not just re-release a game demo every few months, or years. I figured that I can divide the game into four episodes.

Here are the general themes and basic story for the episodes.

The first episode introduces a new character that piques Ranma's interest. In an attempt to get to know this person, and ask him/her for a challenge. (Or something like that) and travels around town possibly trespassing into areas he doesnt belong to.

The second episode has the entirety of his school trapped in something and all sorts of pandemonium goes on around the school. People freaking out, making factions and basically causing them to go crazy and start attacking each other. Ranma gets the idea that if he started to befriend these factions to come up with a plan to escape from the school. Except nobody wants to listen to him, but has no problem listening to Akane. Ranma becomes jealous, transforms into Girl-Type Ranma and it becomes this race to see who can become the leader. So they go to these factions (Or clubs or whatever) and do these little mini games. Whoever does better gets the support of that faction. Then the one with the most supporters wins.

The third episode is on an island in which I have not labeled. Ranma can travel between the surrounding islands of the main island via a jetski. (If he drives around as Boy-Type Ranma, water will keep splashing on his foot and changes to a Girl-Type. How annoying is that?) Its basically a lot of these attraction areas and turn out to be these mazes or places that provide some tricky platforming. Oh and what the heck, how about some Adventure game styled item hunting and rubbing things together and hoping something works?

The fourth episode is a hodgepodge. I really have no idea what exactly goes in at this point.

I've got some ideas down, but some specific levels I'm not too sure what exactly to do. If anyone wants to see what all I've come up with, or if you've got some ideas, feel free to throw them in.

General Discussion / Definitive Version of Street Fighter IV for PC
« on: May 09, 2009, 03:54:48 PM »

Definitive version, right here. $60 price tag. Normally the PC game goes for $40, and $40 for the controller. But this limited bundle brings the cost of the controller down by half, along with all the features the PC version of the game holds. Aside from the additional filters theres also free online play. Plus the controller readily works on the 360.

It should go on sale through Capcom's online store, Amazon and a few others. Sadly they dont appear to be up yet, but once it comes up, I'm going to pre-order it the minute it comes up.

General Rotors / Funny thing about Samurai Shodown 4 on Saturn...
« on: May 09, 2009, 11:01:07 AM »
So back when I picked up that memory card for my Saturn, it also came with a 1MB RAM cartridge and Samurai Shodown 4. The problem was that I couldnt play this Japan only game on my US Saturn. But then I remembered that the Saturn emulator on my PC is pretty reliable. So in a hop skip and a jump, I'm able to play SamSho 4.

But the thing is...the game is in English. It offers multiple language options and the default one happens to be English?

What the sense make?

That said, its almost impossible to play this game with the D-pad on my Xbox 360 controller...

This should only take about a couple of minutes to read through. What I've got here is a paper I have to submit for a final in my Technical Communications Class for college. I need it submitted by tomorrow morning, but I should not need very many changes to it. I'm pretty much done. I just want to know if things appear unclear or if I could simplify some sentences. Also, if there are some parts that sound really...dumb, just point it out. Tear it up, and if you're going to add things like "This is a really dumb paper, at least point out a couple of things I can do to improve it.

This paper is a general description of a video game tester. What kind of jobs they do, how they do it and how the developer goes about fixing problems with the game based on the tester's results.

Away I go posting now.

Edit: Thank you, Suitcase. Its supposed to be more of a technical description of the occupation. Not so much of an essay. So I've changed/added introductory sentences to the paragraphs. I really didnt like the one in the first paragraph, I just threw something in there after I wrote the actual meat of the paragraph. I'm going to work on some more bits and pieces and I'll have it submitted by tonight.

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