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General Discussion / Sonic & The Black Knight Art Contest Winners
« on: October 21, 2008, 07:21:35 AM »
I know I made a topic about this in fluff a while ago, but the official winners list has popped online so I thought a more serious topic could work this time ;p

Sega recently held an Art contest asking for budding artists to recreate their favourite scenes from a past Sonic game. Hundreds of people entered, 20 winners from the US and 20 winners from Europe came out on top.

The US Winners are as follows

Craig T. North Reading MA USA
Michael S. Ellensburg WA USA
Mary T. Lakewood CA USA
David C. Batavia IL USA
Jason C. Bay Point CA USA
Evan S. Santa Cruz CA USA
Tyler M. Belle Prairie MN USA
Heather B. Perry GA USA
Dean T. Costa Mesa CA USA
Amanda G. North Plains OR USA
Matthew B. Davis CA USA
Stanley L. Delta BC CAN
Quan P. Longueil QC CAN
Lauren A. Lithonia GA USA
Cassie D. Elmlvale ON CAN
Caitlin C. West Newton MA USA
Maxime T. Quebec QC CAN
Radience R. Lathrop CA USA
Bobby S. Vacaville CA USA
Dominic M. Woodside CA USA

And the Europe winners

Becky “Purity” Moore (UK) - Sonic 2
Michelle “Eless the Hedgecat” Whitehead (Australia) - Sonic & The Secret Rings
Izzy Carr (UK) - Sonic Adventure 2
Daniel “Danfield” Poole (UK) - Sonic Drift 2/Sonic Drift Racing
Zak “Zak29″ Simmonds-Hurn (UK) - Sonic 3
Jean-François “Adamis” Thébé (Belgium) - Sonic CD
Jess “Violet” Palmer (UK) - Sonic Spinball
Mike “Sock-Fox” Maynard (UK) - Sonic 3
Aliesha “Ishchn” Chin (UK) - Sonic 06
Jin “Jazzyjin” Chan Yum Wai (Australia) - Sonic Adventure
Kieran “Envy” Gates (UK) - Sonic Unleashed
Emma Sparkes (UK) - Sonic Advance 2
Ade-AndaRio (Spain) - Sonic 06
Craig Barclay (UK) - Sonic The Hedgehog
Adam “T-Bird” Tuff (UK) - Sonic & Knuckles
Daniele Ciciriello (Italy) - Sonic 06
Eliaz “Eyz” Constantino (Switzerland) - Sonic Heroes
Kiara Llewellyn (Ireland) - Shadow The Hedgehog
Mark “Mahzes” Teo (UK) - Sonic 3
Antonino Miniero (Italy) - Sonic Adventure 2

The winners of the contest win a copy of the game when its released, which isn't very interesting, however on top of that, their winning artwork is included in the actual game in some way they haven't yet disclosed, probably an art gallery or some such thing.

I can't actually recognise any of the names on the list apart from moi~, but it would be interesting to see who they actually are.

and you can check out the original blog posts here

General Rotors / Sonic & The Darkly Coloured Knight: MUST BUY!
« on: October 12, 2008, 03:40:05 PM »

...because my artwork is in it, even if the games rubbish, that alone is worth $40 or whatever you cheap lot!

General Rotors / Dan.
« on: May 28, 2008, 12:59:20 PM »
SF4 just got a lot better


General Rotors / I am not Night
« on: April 23, 2008, 05:37:55 PM »

Also Noby, I am still the best one :<

Gaming Online / Mario Kart Wii
« on: April 08, 2008, 08:36:35 AM »
Only a few days left until its release in the UK...

When you lot get it add me ;3

Ooo, now why did Smash Bros not have this feature... you can invite your friends you have the wiicode for to be friends in Mario Kart at the press of a button, such ease of use!

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