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General Rotors / Re: EVO 2011
« on: August 01, 2011, 02:44:24 AM »
i was hoping that latif or poongko(ESPECIALLY poongko) would come all the way back after being sent into losers', like spark did in bb(though i had trouble rooting for spark over lordknight, especially since lk plays my main, lol)

oh well, it was still amazing

did not catch tekken or mk9 finals :(

so many great moments. poongko burning meter to add basically no damage to a combo just to style on someone, then perfecting the poor guy. zongone punishing lordknight's burst bait by inputting nirvana's grab special during the burst. spark baiting countless noel alphacounters. pr rog killing dark phoenix with tron's super grab. daigo making tokido look free as hell, and then poongko making daigo looking fucking free. spark finishing off tokido with a goddamn purple throw. and so many perfects and so many close wins. clutch shit everywhere.

i also feel like the fact that there were so many perfects indicates that people just generally have a much better offense than defense, in many games.

also, shoutouts to redrapper. :)

General Rotors / Re: EVO 2011
« on: August 01, 2011, 12:57:10 AM »
wow, wowww

ssf4ae finals were fucking amazing. latif destroying amazing players like daigo, tokido, poongko..fuudo being amazing and yet so modest after taking 1st, latif fucking crowdsurfing, the crowd throwing cookies to kindevu, the 86,000 people watching the stream, the massive crowd, blazblue finals, the amazing pool matches... there are no words for how exciting, hype, amazing, epic it was. i hope i can go next year

General Rotors / EVO 2011
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:55:54 PM »
dunno how many actually watched but

EVO has been absolutely amazing so far

saw excellent SF4 matches friday, poongko's seth is great, juicebox's abel and juri were amazing, latif's viper was amazing, very exciting stuff

lots of good blazblue/mvc3 and some tekken matches saturday, too

finished watching blazblue finals a while ago. "hype" does not do it justice. spark's hakumen play was astounding and he took it very convincingly. zong's carl, tokido's noel, severin's lambda, lordknight's litchi, etc were all in amazing matches too.
pretty excited for sf4 and mvc3 tonight. still going on here for those with connection issues

10:00 AM: Blazblue Finals
12:00 AM: Tekken 6 Finals
2:00 PM: Mortal Kombat 9 Finals
3:30 PM: SF3 Third Strike Exhibition
5:00 PM: Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Finals
6:30 PM: Screening, Balrog: Behind the Glory.
7:00 PM: SSF4:AE Finals
9:00 PM: Closing Ceremonies

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 31, 2011, 03:54:10 PM »
edit: whoops

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 25, 2011, 03:40:55 PM »
Mightfox are you looking forward to this game at all?



only the minimum amount for any fg where i dont know what it will be like

i am not someone who watches that show nor do i see anything that makes the game stand out significantly in that footage

there are a lot of significant fighters coming out on consoles in the next year and a half(king of fighters 13, skullgirls, sf x tekken, tekken tag tournament 2, probably soul calibur 5, possibly chaos code, possibly under night inverse, possibly another blazblue, possibly a melty blood port...) so it is hard for me to care about some random thing when i dont even follow the source content. plus, there are other indieish fighters i have not gotten around to playing but want to.

i dont really care until it distinguishes itself in gameplay, but it's also possible for it to be really fun without particularly standing out(i had too much fun playing that sailor moon fighter on the snes with squiggles...) and being funny can be enough(i dont play melty blood seriously yet but i will pick necoarc and shit around and giggle like an idiot at her moveset)

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 25, 2011, 02:24:23 AM »
The problem with a lot of the argument in this thread is that it is based on the value of a game as perceived by two different groups.

One group is the fighting game "enthusiast", or "competitive" fighting game player, or "tourneyfag"(though not in a regulatory way like the term applied to smash "tourneyfags"), or whatever the hell you want to call them.
To many of those those who play marvel 3 significantly in this group, umvc3 is acceptable, though some find the situation obnoxious nonetheless.

The other group is the "average" gamer, who plays fighting games "casually".
To many of those who play marvel 3 in this group, umvc3 is pretty borderline a ripoff, and capcom is participating in terrible, abusive business practices.

Why the difference?

It is not that the FG enthusiasts who tolerate this are a bunch of filthy fools who suck capcom's dick like their life depended on it, or are stupid, or whatever, and it is not that the fighting game "casuals" are too foolish to understand the value of what they're receiving, or are entitled, or whatever.

The fact is that both sides are playing a different game.

Most gamers who play MvC3 do not delve into the game super heavily. Some of them dont know that you can do a combo by doing A->B->C->launcher, or that you can perform a special move at any time during a normal move, etc, partially because fighting games usually dont fucking explain themselves, and partially because that is not how they play the game. They do not look many things up. They do not analyze match videos. They do not know how to "lab" things in training mode, nor would they care to. Most of them play the game with random friends, and probably dont play the game very much after a month or two unless their friends constantly want to. They play it like most people play smash: they dont give a shit about wavedashing, they may think "frame data" is(or at least sounds like) pedantic nonsense, and they complain about different things than FG enthusiasts, in terms of character/strategy strengths and weaknesses, because they are "playing a different game".

Then there's fighting game enthusiasts. They try to crack games open and figure out as much as they can as possible. Many have really annoying zoning formations, combos that are the absolute optimal that anyone knows about, or exploit non-gamebreaking glitches to deal with certain characters and strategies. Many go to tournaments, almost all go to some sort of FG meetups in their areas where they play fighting games competitively with other enthusiast friends. When they play with someone who isnt an enthusiast, they play extremely differently than normal, unless they're a fucking asshole. I dont even play MvC3 seriously, but I was able to pretty easily get 25 single player hours out of it via a gamefly rental. I didnt spend that time in arcade mode, I spent it in training mode, and not even to actually train, but to simply experiment with characters, combos, pressure strings, traps, unique things about the game compared to other fighters, etc.

To most people who play FGs, $60 is often rather much to pay unless they end up playing a whole lot with their friends, or the game has some robust story(BB?) or strategy mode(Didnt SC3 have something like that?) or minigames(TVC?) or something. To them, FGs are often rather inferior to other games in terms of "screwing around with friends" or action games when it comes to visceral single player content.

To the average FG enthusiast, $60 for a game they're going to play a lot, especially if they "main" it, is just whatever. They're going to spend hundreds of hours exploring the game and having gradually more skilled fights with their scene. Because of this, to them the value per dollar for preferred FGs dwarfs just about anything else in the entertainment industry.(Especially movies. Fucking shit, movies.)

There is obviously a huge contrast in value for each sort of gamer for a fighting game, because what they get from the game is different. There is really no need for hyperbole like "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU EVERYTHING IS 100% 100% 100% DIFFERENT" and vitriol like "lol ur just some shoe lickin capcom slut"

the point is not just that people have different perspectives on value, but different perspectives on them because they are ESSENTIALLY PLAYING A DIFFERENT GAME. If you play an RPG for only story, you are going to view the quality of various RPGs much differently that someone who only plays RPGs for freeform fucking around. Both of them would probably get pissed at each other and argue past each other regarding certain games.
This whole thing is not set up too much differently from non-fans telling megaman/oldsonic/mario/FPS/JRPG/racing/whatever fans that their games are shitty rehashes where you just do the same thing over and over. When they play such games, they simply do not experience them in the same way that those who love playing the various megaman games or halo games or racing games or Tales Of games or whatever the fuck. They see repetition where others see nuance.

prior to this is the most important part of the post if you dont want to read this whole thing

Redrapper seems to forget that "casual" fg players simply do not recieve the same value out of a balance patch that the "hardcore" do. To some, the changes are "teensy weensy." To others, they are huge. And others do not understand why Redrapper is not offended at what capcom is doing on a value level and sometimes equate this denial with being a capcom fanboy. (Not to say that some people who defend this aren't capcom or whoever fanboys, but it is by no means a necessity) There are plenty of FG enthusiasts who are extremely critical("GOD YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES NO GGPO NO REMATCH BRAINDEAD REBALANCING STUPID MECHANICS ARGHGRHRHRHG YOU WORTHLESS FAGGOTS oh man that setup is really cool brb experimenting for 5 hours") of FG companies but have absolutely no problem with them on a price and value level because of reasons I described.

There's also the subject of time in addition to price.

The timing on UMVC3 is ridiculous because:
-9 months after the initial game release is unprecedented in modern times among FGs.
-God dammit there's already like 2 other fighters coming out in fall you fucking shitdicks
-MVC is the sort of game that is supposed to be explored for years before a sequel and people laugh at how one character was top tier for a year or whatever and then later is completely irrelevant at high level play. I dunno if MvC3 could really do this like MvC2 did, but this was the expectation of many. However, fg enthusiasts have become increasingly adept at breaking things down, and information is shared at a much faster pace than it was in MVC2's days. Or maybe there is no significant difference between 2/3 in this regard and people will bitch about the nerfs to Phoenix etc in UMvC3 down the line.

The timing is also fitting to some because:
-The balance issues are painful to the community and giving them a probably more balanced cast sooner is nice for keeping people from moving to other FGs
-Oh god oh god it's a new game oh god what's different oh god time to lab the shit out of this oh man so much new stuff to play with
-Originally, 6 of the 12 characters were planned to be DLC, but the tsunami set off their time tables for this, and demand decays over time for this sort of thing, so they probably figured doing more characters and packaging it with a patch was more timely than "late" dlc. In terms of DLC vs sequel, a sequel is much easier for tournament organizers to use. No need to make sure certain stations have the dlc, etc. Not that huge of a positive, but it's there.

But generally, this breaks down to awesome/fine/obnoxious but acceptable for FG enthusiasts who main MvC3, and god fucking dammit capcom/bah/cool for everyone else.

also i do not particularly like capcom so if you read this and say that i am defending capcom fanboys i will slap your shit

There are legitimate arguments/discussion to be had around this, like whether alternate models may be better for all or some, what sort of effect whatever situation capcom is in could have on their choices regarding this, etc. But the most prominent question of "Is capcom a bunch of sleazy fuckwads or fan loving heroes for making UMVC3 like this?" depends on who you are and/or whatever business realities may be.

There's also the thing regarding "Capcom sold us an unfinished product, and now they want to make us pay for a better game?" Which is somewhat legit but it's not really that simple. Some points:
-The lack of a spectator mode in online is pretty atrocious and that should have been in from day one.
-money, managers, etc can be a fucking dick
-Some things, like theoretically good netcode, may need mass testing to reveal that oh my god this is shitty netcode. (Also, see: netcode good enough for japan is probably not good enough for america)
-With regards to balance, while some things are argueably just silly design(dark phoenix+level 3 xfactor), the way marvel games are designed is generally just risky. "We want everyone to be really fucking strong!" This can make matchups stupid and can lead to someone just being runaway stronger than everything else, because as you scale things up, it gets harder and harder to gauge strengths. It can be harder to measure characters with regards to balance when you're doing new shit, when things like combos and glitches are involved, and when measuring balance in "Airdash fighters" is simply hard due to the relative "strength" of the characters compared to more traditional fighters.
-i guess capcom has actually lost money on other games like dead rising 2 and lost planet 2 or something?? i dunno. they may feel the need to get cash quickly and then get more cash again in a short, rather abusive period. im not excusing them, just explaining.

Lastly, there's the whole "wtf is up with FG updates?" thing.
Again, comparing to WoW or Valve or LoL is not really fair due to the way MMOs work and how steam has a steady income from so many things and a really goddamn shitty item system for TF2 that somehow makes them money.(similar thing with LoL)

As explained, FG updates are simply more significant to their "core" audience, and for a long time(still the case for certain fighters) japanese fg developers made more money off arcade cabinet sales than console sales, and the arcade FG scene in japan is generally much more comparable to console FG enthusiasts elsewhere than average gamers, due to the nature of arcade competiton. If people really want to talk about this part of FGs more i'm up for it, but I'm kind of tired right now.

freddy kreuger stuff
sorry, i'm also someone who finds most of the mk9 cast to be kind of shitty visually and personality wise, so i'm probably not the person to judge whether or not freddy is a decent inclusion for the game. IGNORE MY STUFF ABOUT FREDDY

It's not so much on how they make Tekken into a 2D fighter.

It's the fact I never played Tekken and never really had much of a desire to. So why would I give a shit about a crossover with Street Fighter? One of the reasons I never picked up Tatsunoko vs. Capcom.

It's sort of like if there was a platformer crossover between, I dunno, megaman and sonic or something. A platformer fan would be like "Woah, how does that even work?" and would be impressed if the game didnt feel like something wayyy different but didnt just feel like a megaman game with sonic shoehorned in without feeling like sonic, etc. Someone who isnt familiar with platformers would be like, "So? It's just another platformer. I dont care about the characters."
3d fighters are different from 2d fighters in very weird ways. I don't enjoy competitive tekken that much, but I think I may very well enjoy the characters a lot in the way they exist in SF x Tekken. Plus, some characters who werent in sf4 are in sf x tekken, and some characters will be much more fun in sf x tekken than in sf4.

and arhktsdghkldsh @ not picking up TvC just because you didn't have any fanlove for Tatsunoko. It's not just about the characters involved, it's about the game. If sf4 is too "slow" or "traditional" for you and MvC3 is too "fast" or "extreme" for you, TvC or Sf x Tekken are in the middle in various ways it seems.
Also, crossovers often make the characters grow on you.

Red, you're not getting it.

This announcement makes it so the previous game was a complete waste of time and money. It doesn't matter how you many features you add, how many new characters. They basically threw the game at us, and in the same year, it's now obsolete. $60 to $70 wasted, time wasted. Yes, we can sell them, but for a rather miniscule price now that the original version is cheap. Yes, they did announce SSFIV eight months after the original, but came out over a year since the original version. The same fucking year is just ridiculous.
I agree that the same year is ridiculous, but I dont think that calling the previous game "A complete waste of time and money" is really fair. You could extend this to pretty much any game that ends up getting sequels. You had fun with it, and you could extend the lifespan for $40. If that's not worth it to you, then it's not. If the original wasn't worth $60 to you, then that sucks. If it was, then it's not like that fun suddenly doesnt mean anything.

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 24, 2011, 08:22:28 PM »

General Rotors / Re: Mega Man Legends gets a new sequel!
« on: July 22, 2011, 02:01:06 PM »
not sure why "megaman legends stage" revealed is under umvc3 since there was already such a stage in mvc3, they just added snow to it

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 22, 2011, 01:58:57 PM »
That makes really zero sense.
Wouldn't it be EASIER, productivity-wise, to release it as a digital download rather then printing new discs and covers for a rerelease?

i think he could have phrased that better: iirc what capcom(Seth?) said was that they were originally planning to have about half of these characters as DLC, but the tsunami fucked up their production schedule and so instead of having a bunch of shit late they decided to just make more and have it as baseline stuff for UMVC3.

I know this is only my grudging but, seriously, they fucking killed Dan Hibiki. Talk about a way to turn Street Fighter fans off (not that I ever cared since I never played Tekken).
don't get me wrong, i enjoy the fact that dan is actually something resembling a viable character in ssf4ae(and i think he is actually entertaining and funny, unlike rufus) but that is really no different from the "hey capcom didnt add this one character out of a pool of 9000000000 characters what a bunch of fags why would they ever not have my fave dont they have the exact same favorites as me they hate me" sort of thing which pops up in any game with a large cast(kof, mvc, etc)

also you seriously have no interest in seeing how they translate tekken characters to a 2d fighter? i mean, i dont really play either game but i find that pretty interesting (though tekken vs sf will be more interesting to see)
Plus it's not like it's just going to be sf4 without dan and with tekken characters.

Freddy Krueger though, I don't see why people are bitching, I joygasmed when I saw he was a playable character. There really are no classic MK trilogy characters other than Chameleon (but we don't need another fucking ninja and I don't think anyone liked him anyway), and there really hasn't been an interesting character since MK4. Only reason Frost has a fanbase because of Marie-Claude Bourbonnais' cosplay pictures.
probably because nobody cares about freddy krueger and it's argueably an even more laughable attempt at a cash-in than cole? :psyduck:

also, i dont understand how "no upgrade for pc owners who had sf4" is as valid as the other things on there

General Rotors / Re: Mega Man Legends gets a new sequel!
« on: July 21, 2011, 10:25:19 PM »
Inafune was probably the glue that was holding Megaman together. I fully expect a dark gritty reboot from some western developer in the next couple years.
Bobby Kotick should just buy Capcom now, Activison and the current Capcom would go together like bacon and eggs I think.

don't say that ;_;

Capcom:  Forever (ok) Fighting Games.

I still kind of prefer playing doujin fighters.

for anyone who likes the most "conservative"(sf) or most "extreme"(mvc) fighters, capcom has a secure spot
sf x tekken and the potential new darkstalkers could change that, though (but i hope both those games have good zoning from a few characters)

General Rotors / Re: Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3
« on: July 21, 2011, 10:20:07 PM »
I think Mortal Kombat may have outdone MvC here.

asdjfklfjsd if by "outdone" you mean "freddy krueger is even more laughable than making a sequel for MARVEL VS CAPCOM in barely 9 months", then yes

anyway, it's all about sf x tekken

while the new additions are nice and i dont mind buying yearly sequels for fighters since it's so easy to get your money's worth out of them if you play "competitively", mvc3 is not my style of fighter and 9 months is really, really quick for a fucking marvel game

General Rotors / Re: Mega Man Legends gets a new sequel!
« on: July 20, 2011, 04:48:37 PM »

"To staff, he said, "The decision for the cancelation was out of my sphere, but as someone who took part in the development, I'd like to convey something to the staff: I'm sorry that I couldn't be of assistance."
Not that his assistance was necessarily needed. Inafune noted that the staff had such tremendous motivation that they didn't need his help, which makes him feel even sadder at the cancelation."

so mmz is over
mml3 is cancelled
mmu is cancelled

looks like i have no reason to care about megaman for a while lol


General Rotors / Re: Fuck reCAPTCHA.
« on: June 18, 2011, 01:34:25 PM »

i sort of stared at this one for a full minute

General Rotors / Re: E3 2011 Build-up Topic
« on: June 10, 2011, 01:55:30 PM »
I had fun at the E3.
Did you mess with SF x Tekken/Skullgirls/maybe some other fighter I forgot about?

General Rotors / Re: E3 2011 Build-up Topic
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:31:10 AM »
^In particular, there's the fact that getting Infinite will also give you the original BioShock for free.

^^Wow, you're really reaching to nitpick, aren't you?

does the "^^" thing mean "two posts above me"? (as in, suitcase's post?)

General Rotors / Re: E3 2011 Build-up Topic
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:16:39 AM »
Chill man. A lot of people dig FPSs.

but wouldn't it be great if those fpses were something awesome like tribes

and it's pretty obvious that the western market has too fucking much attention on them.

don't get me wrong, big military shooters can be a lot of fun. i mean, i like that kind of shit. but there's too fucking much attention on those titles and they dont even distinguish themselves that much.

Whatever happened to originality in games? You don't see quirky games like Viewtiful Joe, UmJammer Lammy, Jet Set Radio or Oddworld anymore. It's all shooters now. and everything else is just motion control gimmicks.

i sort of find it funny that you harp about fpses and then you want another sonic, as if platformers are really that much better

also you still see quirky games at about the same rate as back then. and more importantly, there's still plenty of deep(Gameplay wise) games coming out.

regardless, you are absolutely right that the american market/video game attention is wayy too heavy on fpses.

i do want another fucking jet set radio now that you mention it

1) Myst doesn't understand that these days, originality means "indie" (that's okay, because now he does)
cut that out

2) Skyrim is the most amazing ever. I'm looking forward to what will definitely be the best Elder Scrolls ever made.
my hopes for skyrim are largely shit on because wrpgs in general are looking rather poor very recently
da2 sounds like poop
fable is becoming increasingly lol
as for has some really nice things it seems, but i really dont feel confident getting hype about an rpg when the lead developer equates stats like "intelligence" with just "oh, that means mana." what the fuck.

a) Bioshock Infinite looks sweet. I hate that that series is an FPS, I'd enjoy it so much more if it were in a decent genre.



i admittedly never got to play bioshock, but it sounded like it had multiple things to distinguish it from the glut of standard(though sometimes good) fpses. i have a heard time believing someone would hoist a bloody racing game over fpses as if there was no possibility for design growth in fpses and that all fpses were just medal of honor.

which sony exclusives in particular are you excited about (just wondering)
also noooo @ infamous dude in sf x tekken. i dont hate him being there because he "doesn't fit"(I don't care and his powers certainly fit), but because lol console exclusive character who will be banned from tournaments. :psyduck: His model looks kind of fucked up too. If he gets in and someone awesome like Oro, Twelve, Maki, Juri, Jinpachi or Leo doesn't i'm going to be pissed. (Not to pull the "THIS ONE CHARACTER OUT OF A POOL OF 200 SHOULD BE IN OR I HATE EVERYTHING" Card, but whatever) i havent played infamous though, so maybe i could be more excited

also i still have trouble caring about new sony handheld stuff considering "lol your umds dont matter anymore"

General Rotors / Re: A'ight let's do this: Wii 2!
« on: June 05, 2011, 12:16:43 AM »
suitcase is losing his touch

General Rotors / Re: Interview with Skullgirls dev guy
« on: June 03, 2011, 11:55:02 PM » Footage of peacock. In case you thought each character would have a small skirt and big breasts..

Looks awesome. First vid is more about the little animation details and references in her moves, second vid is more focused on her gameplay features.

General Rotors / Re: Interview with Skullgirls dev guy
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:27:21 PM »
screens for third character

also, skullgirls is being distributed by konami :o

General Rotors / Re: E3 2011 Build-up Topic
« on: June 03, 2011, 03:26:16 PM »
mgs and zoe HD collections=awesome

i really want some castlevania news though
(or suikoden goddammit ;_;)

also, this is fitting considering my last post in this thread: skullgirls is being distributed by konami

General Rotors / Re: E3 2011 Build-up Topic
« on: May 28, 2011, 02:27:23 AM »
awesome konami/fighting game stuff pls

General Rotors / Re: Deutschland
« on: May 18, 2011, 04:06:26 PM »
oldenburg is closer to the netherlands than much of germany :P

i heard tf2 is the first fps with defined classes

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