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General Rotors / Re: I think we're alone now
« on: May 21, 2015, 05:16:38 AM »
Since people are bringing it up here, I think this is the right place to say it. I think I've decided that this is going to be my last post here (or close to it). For realz this time. I'm moving away from my home town in a few weeks and really trying to get a new chapter in my life moving, and I feel like that's partially going to require leaving some old ones behind (not so much the fandoms, just how I spend my time online.)

But I will be FB friends with people if someone wants to PM me to not totally lose touch with what this community once had. I'll check PMs for a few days to respond to that.

But it's been fun, guys (and gals? What few we have?).

General Rotors / Re: I think I'm a clone now.
« on: May 20, 2015, 12:24:03 PM »
You need to find and eliminate your original self, then take his place.

There can only be one.

General Rotors / Re: SER Death Theory
« on: February 27, 2015, 05:15:40 AM »
Not sure, as I wasn't going to a One Piece premiere personally... though we could've met in a line, maybe?

This is one of my more infamous con appearances though, if that helps... (As Otacon, that is. Sorry, I'm not David Hayter.)

General Rotors / Re: SER Death Theory
« on: February 25, 2015, 03:09:18 PM »
I have managed to meet a few people over the years from this community, some of whom are now posters who were long gone back in the MC days, some of whom are still here. And I'm always happy to meet people again. I still travel between east and west coast events when I can afford it too. Just drove back from Katsucon a week ago, Ohayocon the week before that, and spent a few weeks visiting friends in Houston (between jobs right now), and might do either AX or Otakon again this summer. And of course I live in a major city (Chicago), so I'll often pop up at local hangouts related to such.

In short though, I'm not surprised this place had faded (forums like this are just somewhat outdated in modern internet usage), but it's nice to see at least some people can still be summoned on a whim.

General Rotors / Re: SER Death Theory
« on: February 21, 2015, 06:40:57 PM »
My god...

Y'all are still here.

Like, seriously. Even though this place is dead, it's all still the same people posting. That blows my mind.

But yeah, once the old MC closed... I just sort of moved beyond this place. Slowing of growth, and the splitting of fandoms into either more centralized communities (for specific fandoms) or 'decentralized' generalized ones like 4chan's /m/, /a/, /tv/, /co/ or /vg/ boards (don't ever use /v/, it is only good during E3 week... during which it is glorious) meant that aside from my fondness for a few individuals, there was little left here to offer. I could get the same news and more active discussions better and quicker elsewhere. That wasn't so true during the heydey of 2001-2005.

Still, nice to see some people still have a sense of loyalty and community.

In the words of a certain hidden Sith...

"Kill him. Kill him now."

General Rotors / Re: Good god... This place is STILL HERE!
« on: April 20, 2014, 05:07:22 PM »
Meh, I'm doing dandy. Mostly.

Just wanted to pop in and wave for a bit while this place is still up and about. That new SRB2 re-release rekindled some online community nostalgia.

Not that I don't use the internet, just that most relevant gaming news now has shifted to the chans, reddits, and retros of the online world. ;|

General Rotors / Good god... This place is STILL HERE!
« on: April 06, 2014, 12:02:02 AM »
Some things just... never die it seems. Most of your names I even still recognize...

Hasn't it been, what, 15 years since the old MC that eventually morphed into this community began?

General Rotors / Re: Otakon 2012
« on: August 14, 2012, 07:20:30 PM »
Not this time, actually. Used a new board.

Having said that, had anyone have noticed me, you should have said hi!

Could my Robot body dance the robot?

If so, yes.

General Rotors / Re: Otakon 2012
« on: August 09, 2012, 11:54:08 PM »
I went, but actually forgot to check here. Sorrry. Should be back next time.

Continuous 69 uber spindash. Pretty much a one direction continuous spin that stops either if you cancel it, or if you bump into a wall 3 times. It looks much less awkward in the actual game, and can break through things much more quickly.

As a gameplay mechanism, it's not badly used.

I noticed there's no active thread for the game here, so I figured I'd start a new one given the recent leak of the episode. I'll start by copying my review from Retro.

Be warned, it does contain major spoilers on some things. Not that spoiling a Sonic game is all that big of a deal, but still.

So I finally got the chance to sit down and play (most) of episode II...

And I must say, I am pleasantly surprised by many things in this iteration. It's still not perfect, but it fixes far more complaints than I expected, and I was even able to do physics tricks I didn't think they ever paid attention to.

1. Physics. Rolling is still kind of gimped, if you let go, it doesn't go anywhere near as far as it should. However, it is remarkably improved and generations didn't fully fix this either, so I'm willing to live with what we have for the time being. On the plus side, everything else about the physics that bothered me is fixed. Momentum, uncurling, heck, the thing that sealed the deal for me is the fact that I can still do a high jump trick when running up the very top of a ramp, just like in the classics. This pleases me 'greatly'! Overall? Thank you for listening Sega. Just tweak the rolling a bit more and I'm satisfied. Also, while I do find the forced co-op play to be a bit of a cop-out (honestly, multiple pathways for the sonic trio will always remain the best gameplay design), I must say that they use all of the combo moves very well, and that they're all easy and fun to use.

2. Stage Design. At first, I followed along with everyone else's fears that things would be automatic homing attack pitfests, but in truth, this is not the case at ALL. Pits are rarely used, which shocks me, there are many paths in most levels, and even homing chains are actually quite rare and effectively used. There's still something a bit "dimpsy" about the stage design, object placement feels far more artificial and less like a natural extension of the world, but that may just be a matter of aesthetics and personal taste. Highly subjective I'd even venture to say. Overall, again, a MAJOR improvement and a pleasant surprise. I didn't think they'd ever listen to us on this. Also, the level design is very fair for the most part. Far less enemies you can't see creeping up on you.

3. Visuals. Wonderful, all around. Great visual design on the stages for the most part. Yes, we have recycled stage tropes out the wazoo again, but they're well used for the most part and each have enough new touches to make them feel fresh. And the visuals look amazing all around, nothing technically phenomenal, but each character model is perfectly animated and feels exactly like they should. Seeing Metal Sonic fly and pose again really felt cool and got me excited for his return. Again, going with my earlier comments, the gameplay elements (abundance of speed pads, springs, dimpsy things) don't mesh with the stages as well as they should, but that remains my main complaint, and some parts of the levels suffer from copy/paste blandness. Everything else looks pretty good.

4. Bosses. The first boss was easy, but still fairly unique. The Metal Sonic fight was tough, exciting, fun and I LOVED it. It made me giddy. Felt like one of the boss fights against him I've been waiting years to see. I liked it more than the generations one. I can't see a better way to do it. The Oil Desert boss was also very unique. Haven't played beyond that yet. Overall, wonderful work, Sega. You completely addressed rehashing complaints here.

5. Special Stages - I've only played 3, but the best thing I can say about this version of the half pipe? It reminds me somewhat of the 3D Blast Saturn half-pipe, and that is no small compliment, as the 3D Saturn half-pipe remains the best special stages ever in the series. You have multiple layers, many gimmicks to make the stages fun to play, and challenging.

6. Music - The instrumentation could be far better, as everyone has said, but I like the tunes themselves this time around almost universally. I wish they'd just do a standard OST with real instruments ALA Colors/Generations, but oh well. Many of these tunes will make great remixes. Oh, and Metal Sonic's new boss theme is sexy.

Overall? I am pleased, far more than I thought I'd be. Yes, I never hated episode 1 as much as some people, but its flaws WERE quite glaring to me, even if I did have fun with it. Now I desperately want Episode 1 remade and fixed with this engine. Where is the Sonic 4 (& Knuckles) combo pack that makes both episodes 1 game? (Though I do want to play Episode metal.) Still, while it doesn't beat the classics, this episode to me solidifies it. Sonic is back, and he is worth playing again. Sonic 4 Ep 1 was an insult to classic fans, but a passable game. Colors and Generations, both iterations of each, were now solidly good, even great games. Taxman's Sonic CD remake is (almost, I'd still like a patch tweaking some time travel issues) perfection incarnate, surpassing the quality of the original game. Sonic 4 episode 2 continues the streak. Sonic has truly recovered from his downfall at this point for me.

Well, the Sonic community is about as respected as the furrie community, or even worse so. It's become stereotyped as a grouping of furries and anime fanatics, two of the most hated and most vocally annoying of fandoms online. Annoying recolor fanatics and homoerotic shippings only worsens the stereotype. Sonichu's existence just destroys whatever credibility the fandom could possibly have.

So really, you just belong to a fandom with a lot of negative stigma attached to it.

Good to know you're incredibly salty and full of hatred towards Sonic fans.

I don't think that's hate so much as a rationale look at the type of trolling the community deals with in today's current chan driven mentality.

Can Linux use Steam ;)

So Taxman's Sonic CD remake hits XBLA tomorrow. For those who haven't seen the trailer yet...

It features a perfect 1;1 replication of the engine, reproduced in widescreen, with unlockable flying tails, dual soundtracks (unfortunately, I don't think you can toggle between them during gameplay, so oh well), optional sonic 2 spindash physics, and pretty much whatever else is needed for the perfect port of one of the best games of the 90s.

Best part? The remake's only 5$.

Coming to Steam, PSN, XBLA, Iphone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Do NOT miss out on this one people. If this does well, it could lead to more official use of Taxman's engine, which could lead to us either having more enhanced ports (Sonic Jam style), or better yet, perhaps someday a full on official game that uses his engine. This is a direct community based success story, and Sega should be rewarded 1thousand fold for finally getting it right after all the shit we've given them these many years.

Sure, Sonic 4 Ep 2 won't use this engine, but both Taxman and SEGA should reap good profits for doing the right thing.

Trailer's here:

General Rotors / Re: youmacon
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:03:47 PM »
Eh, hosted the gundam panels there this year. It was a fun con for once. Much better than last year.

This game is phenomenal. Best they've done in 10 years. There are flaws, but they're pretty minor, and much to my surprise, I'm even having fun with the mini-missions.

Level design is everything I've wanted in a Sonic game and more, aside from the few remaining cheap deaths (very few of which happened to me), even for the modern parts. Hell, if future modern Sonic games are anything like THIS, the franchise has finally recovered from its lows as far as I'm concerned. Colors was good, but this is exactly what Sonic's needed.

Sadly, we're still plagued by painful voice acting for the Chaotix, Shadow, and Amy. Until this is somehow magically fixed, I fear Sonic may never be respected again even if his games ARE good.

P.S. USA Stardust Speedway remix is unlockable. Playing the metal sonic fight with it in the background (you can change music in stages before you play them) is pure sex.

General Rotors / Re: Sonic Fan Remix (how to shit on Sonic 4)
« on: November 04, 2010, 07:07:29 PM »
Eh, the fan remix's visuals are pretty snazzy. Stylistically it's not exactly what I want, but it's very very impressive work, overall. The engine more retro than Sonic 4's but something about it still felt kind of off.

Personally, for my "Sonic 4 fix" I go to Sonic Megamix. HD is nice, but you can't go wrong with expert hacking of the old engine as far as I'm concerned. The hack takes every new idea that Sonic 4 did wrong and uses them correctly. I don't bother playing anyone other than Sonic, but I can't wait for the next set of updates.

General Rotors / Re: Sonic..... Colours?
« on: October 19, 2010, 03:47:53 PM »
Having played the game hands on at NYCC, I have to admit, it's actually surprisingly good. Generally much more solid than Sonic 4, and by far, the best 3D Sonic effort we've ever gotten. The gimmicks are useful, the levels are diverse and fairly cleverly designed, the game's controls are good and responsive...

I was massively cynical about this game, but playing it has changed my mind. It's fun. Far better than unleashed as well. I actually think it'll get good reviews, even.

General Rotors / Re: Have you ever cheated death?
« on: October 04, 2010, 04:42:43 PM »
Feb 12th, 2006...

Got hit head on by a car pumbling through a red light at 35MPH plus while I crossed an intersection on foot at my former campus. Shoe went flying off, and my glasses hit the car with enough force that the plastic lenses on them were actually bent. my body also shattered their side view mirror. It didn't hurt much, just felt extremely blunt... like being tackled by a 300 pound metal quarterback.

Mind you, I walked away from this seconds later without so much as a broken bone... then collapsed on the sidewalk from the shock of it, and an ambulance picked me up. No permanent damage, and I was back on my feet within a few days (abiet walking pretty slowly. My muscles were nicely bruised).

When I met with the cop in the hospital, he told me that at that speed, the hit could've easily been a fatality... so I was lucky.

General Rotors / Re: Mega Man Legends gets a new sequel!
« on: September 28, 2010, 03:09:58 PM »
While I do believe this is legit, aren't you guys celebrating a bit prematurely here?

Having said that, I hope this really does help resolve some open-ended plot points. The fact that it's not yet "3" makes me a bit edgy, but the fact that it's considered the "next entry in the series" helps relieve most of that.

I wonder if we'll get ZX and Zero references in the game now? Those series didn't even exist when Legends 2 was released.

General Rotors / Re: Metroid:Other M- More Anime than Anime
« on: September 11, 2010, 10:59:01 AM »
I didn't hate the game as much as I expected I would, but I nearly didn't buy it either. Probably should've waited til it was cheap.

The lack of a nunchuck is what I find unforgivable about this. All of my big complaints gameplaywise would be fixed with a better control scheme. After Prime 3's excellent control system, this was a horrible mis-step, even if I did eventually get "used to it".

Are the Japanese afraid of nunchucks or something?

Of course, those of you complaining miss the absolute biggest sin this game commits...

The soundtrack is bland, unmemorable, and barely there. In a Metroid game, that is utter blasphemy. Even Metroid II has the catchy tunnel theme and cool laid back escape music. Other M has generic, low volume orchestral that do NOTHING for the game's atmosphere.

This is why the entire copyright fiasco is insane. When you get down to it, they really care more about stopping used sales and the ability of people to borrow the game than they care about even piracy itself (which is used as the legal scapegoat, naturally, even if it can be a big problem).

Then again, I guess what a lot of us forget is that these arguments were going on in the early VHS/Betamax days as well. This is all nothing new and is merely the same shit media distributors (rarely the creators) have been trying to do since the beginning.

General Rotors / Re: Sega Saturn
« on: August 19, 2010, 01:36:09 PM »
Sonic 3D Blast Saturn is worth it 'just' for the special stages alone. I can't stand playing the genesis version, but the Saturn version has a great OST, the most visual detail, and the best sonic special stages ever made. And no, you have NOT played them even if you did play the PC version of the game.

Yeah, the game's not 'great', but it's far from horrible. It really is a good challenging afternoon romp if you want to run through it.

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