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It's said that the GCN of Twilight Princess is the canon copy. Which makes more sense, not only because Link is left-handed, but the WORLD is how it is SUPPOSED TO BE. IE, the sun rose on the correct side of the world.

I always hated that flip. One, I'm left handed, but it still doesn't change the fact that I hold a controller just like EVERYBODY ELSE. I move with characters with my left hand and do the actions with my right, but just because I'm swinging with my right hand doesn't mean I'd see him swinging with his left and freak out about it. I'd honestly prefer it because it's how it's supposed to look. It's no more accurate than doing a little waggle with my wrist as Link does full over the head slices.

Regardless, I am really hoping they ... don't make him right-handed. That would be like making Mario mexican instead of italian. Awful.

General Discussion / Re: So, what's it like where you live?
« on: June 04, 2009, 08:49:37 AM »
I will join in this thrilling discussion.

Fairfield Ohio. Like 25 minutes north of Cincinnati or so. It's ... eh. It's alright. The area is nice, and we have which it the most amazing fucking grocery store ever. But other than that, it's just ... Ohio. Nothing fantastic. I live near six malls. Two of them are ridiculously close. One of one an exit west on the highway, the other is an exit east.

From my year of living with Sammy in North Irwin, PA, I can say it really wasn't all that much different than Ohio. Same type of boring people, lots of hills (Curse you "Mad Frog Road" ...) and lots of turns. Only thing that ever comes to mind with Harrisburgh is a gaveyard and Joshi's mom making breakfast. (Maybe I should go out there again? Atleast for the breakfast!)

But yeah. My goal is to move to Florida in the next couple of years. MAYBE CA, but probably Florida. I gotta be near the ocean to feel like I'm somewhat "where I should be."  Plus, I'm pretty much done with Winter. It's a great experience for the first day you get slammed with 8 inches of snow, or an ice storm, until you realize you still have to do all your normal shit cause you're not a kid anymore.

So out of curiouty was it mentioned if the Castlevania game was 2D or 3D?

Wait, didn't Hol die or get sent to jail or something?

No, I witnessed my roommate's friend get crushed to death in an ATV accident and taken into questioning, I am still alive, and although they originally thought I did kill him, I didn't and therefore am not in jail.

As for what Myst said, all I have to add is indeed, and shame on you Sz for just sitting there nodding and claim I deserve to be insulted. That's very good adminship and a surefire way to convience me of your bullshit story about there being no bias towards me.

The only thing that shocks me here is that someone would actually be your roommate.

Well that's what I'm saying. Unless Mario does something out of character, I've lost the desire to bother with Mario anymore.

I think I watched Joshi play it a little bit and you gotta do some annoying waggle thing to collect stars or something? Eh.

If Mario was shooting at things, but was still acting like a silly Italian plumber, I would think it was funny. I actually don't care for shooters at all.

Shadow shooting things is hardly surprising, since he's just always trying to be dramatic badass dark Sonic anyway.

Eh. I'm just sayin', people who don't give things an actual good solid try don't really have any valid opinion on trying to judge them. Just speculation. I'd say Mario going to SPACE is pretty out of character.

Also. Mario does shoot things. Fireballs. And now Iceballs. But it's not even so much like "guns are out of character" as they are like out of GAME. A gun is nowhere in the mushroom kingdom or anything. It just wouldn't ... fit. I mean I understand you're not saying "IT'S GOTTA HAVE GUNS TO BE GOOD" more or less you want something "out of character" period, but ... that's when you start getting into the whole trying to take itself seriously with poorly written characters.

If he was to be out of character, they'd have to develop him more to begin with. To do that, they'd have to write more story oriented crap, which GENERALLY takes away from gameplay. Then, after finally building his character, they'd have to do a 180 on whatever they wrote and change him drastically.

But yeah. Just ... don't judge something until you try it. And again .... space ... kind of a new thing!

Also ... Hol, stop breathing.
The Sonic series, again, comes to mind.

Wario stumbling around is not what I want at all.

You people do not understand. . . .

Shadow with a gun is not quite what I was thinking of. I just like the juxtaposition of lovable little Mario shooting at zombies or trying to kill people. I'm really quite bored of this whole hop-on-turtles thing, and I've been disappointed/frustrated by every Mario game since maybe Sunshine. Mario Kart DS was ok though.

After Galaxy, besides sequels, what else is there to do with him?

I used to look forward to Mario games, but now I just sigh when I hear of a new one. NSMB for DS or whatever was too easy and boring. And I think Mario Kart Wii really was the last of it for me. That game was such balls.

I'll admit, I didn't even try to play Galaxy. Maybe it's fun. But I don't feel like trying it.

Haha, sooooo, you're saying Mario is always "the same old thing", and yet, Galaxy comes along, something that completely changes the playstyle of Mario (Pretty sure you can play that entire game without jumping on a "turtle") but you didn't even give it a shot.

When it first came out and I saw Ty play it, I was kind of like "eh" and waited a couple YEARS before getting it. When I finally did I was like "shit what the hell was I thinking" because it's wonderful.

Anyway ... Mario will never shoot zombies. It's not ... Mario. If you want to shoot zombies, play a game where you shoot zombies, because Mario killing would be the most out of character thing ever. They'd take what they built up over the last twenty years and just ... crush it in one mighty blow.

I want a Mario game where he becomes a zombie and starts eating people.

Or a game where Mario is shooting really gross-looking zombies with an uzi.
Until they do something ridiculous like that, I'm kind of done with Mario. You can only stomp on turtles for so long.

Mario has done every stupid thing but his job. I don't see him fixing any plumbing around here.

Oh but maybe if they made some kind of Mario detective game, or Mario is an Attorney game, I'd play that.

You see, to me that's what's so great about Mario games. It's WHY  it's actually a successful franchise as opposed to well ... Sonic.

Mario stuck with it's roots. It didn't take itself seriously, and they have always been about having fun. That's the only key element that MATTERS in a Mario game. It's why Bowser can give some speach as a Supernova explodes around him and he falls to the ground screaming "MY EMPIREEEEE!" and then moments later is standing next to Mario and Peach at a party at the castle. Because ... it's not trying to be some ridiculous story driven crap. Just ... A fun game.

Assuming you were being sarcastic, but just incase you were somehow serious ... Mario with an Uzi ... You know what happens when you introduce guns into classic style games? You get Shadow the Hedgehog. You get sin.

But yeah. I'd say they actually ARE doing new things with Mario, but still keeping it the same games everyone loved.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: June 03, 2009, 03:55:04 PM »
how does this effort feel about the Shaq-Fu music album?

Wonderful. Any copy of Shaq Fu. Shaq Fu ANYTHING to be exact. Gameboy, Gamegear, Genesis, Amiga, SNES, CD, Cassette, VHS. If it's Shaq Fu, it must be saved.


Hey, it's that guy from the Metroid Trailer.

Why would there be Dreamcasts still in stock?

The same reason why the Walmart near me is trying to sell crushed Tony Hawk 3 for the N64 for $19.95. Either they got lost in the warehouse and relocated causing them to go "heh, let's see how much we can sell this for" or it's just ... old stock.  Most people order way too much of something and never end up selling ALL of it anyway.

How they didn't find it up until NOW though, that'd be the real question. Awesome warehouse management, I'm sure.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: May 30, 2009, 12:09:28 AM »

why are we trying to save this man's fu again

Barkley, shut up and jam.

General Rotors / Re: egg
« on: May 29, 2009, 11:58:43 PM »
I should not be laughing so hard at this.

Well, no. I should.

incredible eddible.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: May 28, 2009, 12:04:58 AM »
Less whining, more donating.

General Discussion / Re: Metal Gear Solid 5???
« on: May 27, 2009, 08:30:52 AM »

You know ... If that is Big Boss, he looks a lot different than his last model which looked identical to Solidus. This looks way more like it's based off of Solid now.


Still though. A new Metal Gear game. That's grand.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:48:27 PM »
You can buy SNES copies for a penny off Amazon, with maybe five dollars shipping. Not bad?

Well, Genesis ones on Ebay you can usually pay a max of $3.99 or so including shipping. I bought the factory sealed Canadian copy we have for a dollar off of there.

HOWEVER! Amazon DOES have Gameboy copies. Something we don't have yet, and something you can't find on Ebay.

Just throwin' that out there.

Gameboy copies.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: May 26, 2009, 11:46:27 PM »
We've stacked those so many times now. And it's going to be stacked again. And again. Forever. With each addition.

General Discussion / Re: inFamous
« on: May 26, 2009, 10:29:06 PM »
Played around with the demo last night. It does seem like it'll be a pretty entertaining game. However, I'm holdin out for Prototype right now. Seems like there will be more "playability" in it. Or atleast more WAYS to play. Also, with inFAMOUS, from what I've heard there doesn't seem to be any real high speed movement like cars in GTAIV or webswinging in any of the sandbox Spiderman games. That kind of dampers things a little bit for me, only because I love being able to move at ridiculous speeds for no reason.

I probably will pick it up at some point though. I just fear that we got pretty much "the full experience" from the Demo, simply because they already had almost all of his abilities unlocked for you.

General Rotors / Re: Shaq Fu
« on: May 26, 2009, 08:08:46 PM »
... I must agree, the intro I made there is pretty god awful. But I'd say it's made up for by the quality of the video itself.

Anyway, I should see less agreeing with how awesome this all is and more donating of Shaq Fus!

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