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Author Topic: Paradise Perspectives and Other Whacky Tales  (Read 5386 times)

November 19, 2012, 04:13:32 PM
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Paradise Perspectives and Other Whacky Tales
« on: November 19, 2012, 04:13:32 PM »
I've decided to post links to all the stories I've written! Because I am a writer for the Transformation Story Archive. As a result, these stories are liable to be very, very furry.

All of these stories have elements of Transgender themes and are safe-for-work, although there are some sexual situations in "As A Woman I RIDE" these are also my entries into other people's universes, as such some details may or may not make sense or might refrence other material.

Paradise and FreeRIDErs stories can be read on

I'm not posting my Metamor Keep story, because it's already in Tsofox's topic, but I'll post it here later when the second MK Story (tentative title) that I am writing is finished.

Paradise Perspectives - A Mini-Series in the Paradise Universe, in a future that is also somehow the present humans are selected at random to change Species and sometimes Gender every August the 17th until finally in the year 2020 there are none left. There is a catch not only is it very permanent, but you have no way or warning that it's your turn this year and no way of knowing what you'll become. There is one thing that may save your social life, there's an invisible forcefield called the Reality Distortion Field that prevents those human creatures that you used to be from seeing the new you, a ghost image of your old self being what they say.
In this crazy mixed up world we have two kids from Silver City, Iris "Cale" Vinole, human boy turned tiger girl in love with her new body and Gabriel Zedimouse Locke a rat who can't stand anything furry. Can these two best friends get along with their opposite views on the world of tomorrow? Will Iris get the boy? Find out in this exciting drama mini-series.

An Iris Budding -
The Story of how Cale changed into Iris and his/her very first meeting with CM (a recurring major character in the series) was meant to have a part two called "An Iris In Bloom" describing how she met Gabriel, but I never got around to it.

Christmas In Paradise/Perspectives On Christmas -
A Holiday Story about Hugh Phileas

The Sexiest Of All Tiger Girls -
 The first actual entry into the series. Iris has been female and furry for five years, and it just might be the year for her best friend and number one crush to change.

On Rats And Former Men -
Iris and Gabriel hang out, the tigress showing the rat the ropes. This is the last one I wrote, but it isn't the finale. No that's planned later along the road. The sequel to this "An Albino's Breakdown" has been written, but it's still being edited... which it will be a little heavier than Sexiest, which I may go back and re-edit. The sequel to that will be a love story, and after that a remake of Tall Tales featuring special guest CM

FreeRIDErs:Together We RIDE - In a future where the Earth is still a shithole, you just wanna get away for a while. Well you can on the awesome planet of Zharus where the technological singularity happened as Scientists alway intended it to.... With the use of talking fursuits that change your gender. This follows the life of young Paul Reverbek, a boy from Earth with a secret he doesn't want to tell his parents... He's got Gender Dysphoria. This I'll work on slower as Paradise and Metamor Keep are higher priorities for me.

As A Woman I RIDE -
Paul could never become a woman, RIDEs may let her... But... her family is from Earth which is still sadly behind the times.
- This is sure to end in hijinks!
(I'm watching you, I'm always watching you. -)